Case Study 1 – Dublin Port AMI


As a response to the increase in water and waste water charges, and in line with Dublin Port Authorities commitment to water conservation, GMC was contracted to design and implement an intelligent monitoring system which interfaced directly with Dublin City Councils existing AMR network.

Dublin Port

The project brief was to obtain daily meter data from over 130 commercial premises within the North Dock area. The meter data recorded was to be analyzed in conjunction with DCC export meter information to assist in water conservation.

The area to be monitored had a geographical spread of two square kilometers with the greatest distance between meter and receiver of 2.1 kilometers.
The changing topography of a working dock also added to the communication complexity of the project.


An initial survey of the Dock was undertaken to identify the customers, premises, meters and their locations to be monitored.
The survey highlighted any physical constraints and health and safety risks to be taken into account during the initial design phase.
A GPS coordinate was taken of every meter location. The GPS information in conjunction with on site range testing established the optimum position for the IZAR GPRS receivers and antennae.

Antenna Installation

The range testing also highlighted possible radio black spots caused by building shadow and urban canyon. The designers paid specific attention to communicating with meters in these areas. A specific solution was produced for each meter located in a poor radio area. This resulted in a small number of meters requiring their transponders to be upgraded.

Transponder up-grade

In addition to the site specific design solutions the use of pre amplifiers and filters maximized the performance of the existing low power radio transponders and minimized the number of GPRS receivers required.

Two GPRS receivers equipped with data sim cards connected to two number Kathrein Antennas were installed to monitor the complete area. The receivers were located on top of the four storey Dublin Port Co Building on Alexander Road. All data is accessed via the web from a computer equipped with IZAR@NET located in the Maintenance and Services building.


The IZAR@NET AMI solution is currently providing accurate hourly meter reads for all water meters in the North dock area. This information is been used to pin point specific areas and customers where further conservation measures are required.

Meter Locations overlaid on a satellite map of the port area.

The IZAR@NET also manages the daily aggregation of all water consumption within the port and compares it to the export meter daily usage figure. The export meters are set up on the system as main meters (Parent) with the commercial meters set up as sub meters (Child). Dublin Port is currently in the process of subdividing its network into smaller district metered areas, the new DMA meters will also be integrated into the IZAR@NET to allow for finer analysis per DMA.

Concentric Meter Installation


The HYDROMETER products installed in the DUBLIN PORT AUTHORITY AMI project have provided a cost efficient, secure, and reliable data management solution.

GPRS Receiver

The HYDROMETER BONYTO and WOLTMAN water meters coupled with the GPRS receivers and IZAR@NET software delivers total consumption data using a robust, maintenance free and user friendly technology.

HYDROMETERS products assist DUBLIN PORT AUTHORITY to conserve, manage and measure their resources enabling them to achieve their goals amidst environmental concerns, limited supplies and increasing costs.