GMC Utilities Group recognises that care for the environment is a primary responsibility and is committed to achieve continuous improvement of our environmental performance.

The Group has a Management System which incorporates the ISO: 14001:2015 standard and carries accreditation to this standard
The GMC Utilities Group is committed to the continuous prevention of pollution and to the continual improvement in environmental management and performance.

We are also committed to maintain acceptance of all our operations and activities by our clients, employees and the local community.

We will achieve this by the implementation of the Environmental Management System which includes the following:

  • Improve standards of Environmental Management at all offices and on all projects in conjunction with those organisations that work with us.
  • Assess the environmental sensitivity of processes and the impact of operations on the local, regional and global environments.
  • Employing best available and economic techniques for the measurement and control of emissions and wastes and for the optimal use of resource. (This will be achieved through continuous improvement measures).
  • Compliance with all applicable environmental legislation and consents;
  • Training employees to ensure that they are fully competent to control the activities for which they are responsible.
  • Work with suppliers, customers and contractors to promote awareness of the importance of environmental issues and the need to work in an environmentally responsible manner.
  • Take steps to minimise waste, prevent pollution and pursue good practice in resource management.
  • Set targets and use plans to monitor the achievements of defined environmental objectives.
  • Operate in a planned and responsible manner, develop procedures detailing environmental practices, guidance on best practice and any other criteria we formally adopt and maintain emergency plans.