GMC Utilities Group has focused on maintaining a multidisciplinary workforce with the capability of providing services to meet the needs of all utility providers. It was apparent early in the company’s development that it would be beneficial to develop specialist units with suitably qualified personnel to operate in key areas. The electricity sector of the group was developed to provide civil engineering services to ESB Networks, ESB Transmission and private clients. We have developed a number of accredited teams whose skills in this field have been refined over the past two decades.

A combination of experienced management, highly skilled teams and an extensive range of plant and equipment owned by the group has enabled the development of a division that can offer high grade civil engineering solutions in some of the largest Power Stations in Ireland. GMC Utilities Group have been awarded projects to work within generating stations such as Poolbeg, Shellybanks and ESB bulk supply situations such as the Carrickmines 220kV transmission station. For the past decade GMC Utilities Group have been part of a select group of ESB contractors who have undertaken 220kV cable installations.

Operating within the confines of live sub stations is a high risk working environment, This has necessitated our project management to undertake substantial risk mitigation measures prior to undertaking any work to ensure that the highest levels of safety are maintained. In order to achieve this, the Group has utilised all the considerable skills at our disposal in order to deliver successful project completions safely, on time and within budget. The combination of experience and innovation has allowed us to develop a special clamp to enable Bentonite to be installed within cabled ducts at an optimum efficiency. In addition, we have developed an bespoke shuttering system for joint bay construction that enables the materials to be erected and dismantled easily and for the materials to be re–used.

Recently GMC Utilities Group’s Power Division has undertaken the construction of a 38 kV sub station for the Indaver Waste-to-Energy facility in Duleek, Co Meath. In addition to the substation we also installed a 38kv aluminium cable to bring a power supply to the development from the ESB Marleys Lane substation.
Another high profile project that the division has played a central role in, is “The East-West Interconnector”, a high-voltage direct current submarine and subsoil power cable project, for connecting the UK and Irish electricity markets. The project is being developed by national grid operator EirGrid. The East-West Interconnector has a total length of 261 km, of which 186 km is submarine cable and 75 km is subsoil cable. The link connects converter stations at Rush North Beach, County Dublin, Ireland, and Barkby Beach in North Wales. The interconnection uses ±200kV HVDC Light cables with a capacity of 500 MW. It is the first HVDC Light transmission system project which uses ±200 kV cables. The cables and converter stations are provided by ABB.