The assurance of quality is fundamental to all of the work undertaken by the GMC Utilities Group. The Group has a Management System which incorporates the BS EN ISO 9001:2015 standard and carries accreditation to this standard.

GMC Utilities Group will ensure that we can always meet our quality objectives and deliver a service that meets our client’s requirements. We will also ensure that we meet all applicable statutory obligations and organisation requirements for our quality systems. The company follow a system of service realisation, before delivering the service provision to our customer.

Our organisational aims include:

  • Planning the service realisation, we plan and develop the processes needed for effective service realisation from conceptual / initial stages until delivery.
  • Prior to any stage of service realisation we determine the customer requirements and any statutory obligations to ensure that these requirements and obligations are clear and understood.
  • We then review these requirements/obligations to ensure our capability to deliver, prior to making any commitments to the customer. If we do not have the capacity, we will not provide the service.
  • For any new service requirement, we will embark on a disciplined control to ensure that quality objectives, customer requirements and statutory obligations are fulfilled.
  • Purchasing operations related to our service are controlled to ensure that purchased product conforms to pre-set specifications both in quality and environmental requirements.
  • Service provisions always follow pre-set procedures and work instructions. Checks are performed at each stage of service to ensure required conformity.
  • Any monitoring and measuring devices used to verify service conformity are calibrated to ensure that records of service verification of conformity are indeed adequate.
  • The company apply continuous improvement strategies to every aspect of our business, and this shall be the responsibility of everyone, in every activity, throughout the organisation.

All employees of GMC Utilities Group, are charged with promoting these aims, and are required to familiarise themselves with the relevant sections pertaining to their responsibilities within the company ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System. All employees within GMC Utilities Group shall be supported according to their individual needs for continued personal development.