GMC Utilities Group has developed a close working relationship with the Rail Procurement Agency having undertaken work on behalf of the agency since its inception.

The RPA is an independent state agency established in December 2001 under the Transport (Railway Infrastructure) Act, 2001. The RPA is responsible for the procurement of railway and infrastructure systems ensuring the provision of light rail and metro infrastructure and high quality passenger services.

Over the last decade we have undertaken a substantial amount of investigative trenching projects to facilitate route design and planning of each of the proposed lines. In 2002, we undertook a multi million utility diversion and drainage project for the Luas Line B. The project was completed successfully and on programme which was a considerable achievement when taking into account the combination of:

  • the extent of the works,
  • the time constraints
  • and the considerable volumes of pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

The works were successfully completed between Peter’s Place to St Stephen’s Green in Dublin. When both Luas Line A and B were completed and opened to the general public we successfully undertook extensive platform alterations on the St Stephen’s Green stop as well as installing ticket validators and communication ducts on other fully operational platforms.

In the recent past GMC Utilities Group has undertaken a variety of projects relating to the proposed Metro North and BXD Lines. We have also carried out further investigative works on the Green and Red Luas Lines that are currently operating.

Other examples of the diverse capabilities of the GMC Utilities Group are the construction of the Dundrum LUAS stop passenger access lift from the Bus Interchange up to the platform and the replacement the of roof of the listed building located adjacent to the Dundrum platform. The Group has also carried out platform upgrades for Irish Rail and constructed Quality Bus Corridors for the Dublin Councils.

One other high profile contract the GMC Utilities Group played a role in was the Dublin Port Tunnel. The scope of works included the installation of various diameter water mains at both entrances to the Port Tunnel, surface water drainage, manhole construction, ducting installation and associated chamber at the Port side of the tunnel, construction of concrete footpaths and grading of sub – base areas prior to surfacing works by other parties..

Latest News

Luas Swept Path

Luas Cross City will offer a fast, frequent and reliable alternative to the private car for travelling to the city centre along the corridor to Broombridge and more importantly along the corridors served by the existing Luas Red and Green Lines. Luas Cross City is designed to accommodate a high level of existing demand which cannot be catered for by existing modes.
Luas Cross City is a critical investment in the competitiveness and productivity of the Dublin economy, and by extension, the Irish economy. Increasingly economic growth is being driven by city regions which compete with each other to attract and retain the best human capital, in terms of education levels, creativity and entrepreneurship. By positively impacting on the quality of life, sustainability, attractiveness and connectivity of a modern Dublin city, particularly by creating the missing link in the Luas network. Luas Cross City will enhance Dublin’s competitive edge in the challenge to attract internationally mobile human capital and investment and will capture further added value from the monies previously invested in the existing Luas lines.

Utilities Diversion

During the construction of Luas Cross City it will be necessary to divert underground pipes and cables and other services from underneath the running tracks. This is to prevent future repair or maintenance work on these services causing tram disruptions.
In October 2013 GMC Utilities Group Limited was awarded the contract for the Luas Cross City Utilities Diversion. The aim of the project is to create a swept path underneath the proposed Luas line so that tram services will not be disrupted during any future service work.
GMC commenced work in January 2014 with a proposed completion date in June 2015. At its height works will be taking place on 12 work fronts across Dublin City Centre. The works consist of:
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